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Veritas® Plunge Base for Rotary Tools
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Product Highlights:
Plunge Base
Converts almost any rotary tool into a miniature plunge router
Low-slung grips and a 4"x3" footprint make it easy to position
Cutaway in side shows the position of the blade
Depth of cut is controlled with a stop post with a micro-adjust screw
Grooves near base allow for excellent control
Made largely from aluminum with stainless rods and knobs
Fits onto the 3/4-12 threaded collar found on most rotary tools
Made in Canada

Fence and Center Kit
Available separately, lets you use the edge of a workpiece as a reference when making cuts, and can also be set to accurately guide the tool when cutting arcs or circles
Includes two straight fences made of torrefied maple (both 6" long, one 1-1/2" wide and the other 5/8" wide for thin stock), a pair of curve guides, a circle head with three interchangeable centers (sharp pin, 1/4" post and flat disk) and a pair of 6" fence rods
6" rods allow offsets from zero to 4-1/2" with the straight fences and diameters from 1/2" to 
17-1/2" with the circle head
Made in Canada

Precision Adjuster
The optional precision adjuster clamps to the fence rods and attaches to the fence holder or circle head, letting you fine-tune their settings with a thumbscrew
Made in Canada

Base Light Attachment
Optional task light accessory mounts on the base to illuminate the bit directly, making it easier to see where you're cutting. Can be attached at four different points on the plunge base using a stainless-steel thumbscrew

Product # Description
  05J65.01 Veritas®Plunge Base for Rotary Tools
  05J65.03 Fence and Center Kit
  05J65.05 Precision Adjuster
  05J65.11 Task Light
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